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A Disappointing Episode from the Past is NOT a Guide for the Future

A Disappointing Episode from the Past is NOT a Guide for the Future

In Life we all experience disappointments. However, how we handle said disappointments reveals a lot about who we are in that moment when it should really signify who we want to be moving forward. It has always been my opinion that we give disappointments way too much power over us when they occur. Oftentimes, when we are knocked down; we crawl, roll and wallow in the wealth of that disappointment. We even allow that one little misstep to define all the steps we take thereafter, and that is a no-go for forward movement.

Truth be told, disappointments are intended to demonstrate to us how strong, resilient and ambitious we really are. Only in the wake of adversity are we all challenged to put on our game face and work some type of plan or else we’ll have no choice but to plan to fail. And I don’t know about any of you but for yours truly, failure never has been and never will be an option and it should be that way for each and every one of you too! In short, disappointments are as much a part of living life and taking a breath because, without it, we would never recognize or appreciate The WINS in Life. A disappointment is not a sign of how things will always go for you in the future. It is meant to prove to you how bad you really want it because after a fail you’re either going to find a way to get it done or you’ll be done with it which will mean you didn’t want it that bad in the first place. So be sure to keep disappointments in their proper place and always remember: A Disappointing Episode from the past is NOT a Guide for the Future! It is a blueprint to get what you want so, see it and free yourself above all else!

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Tracie Christian

September 23rd, 2017

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