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A Dream without a Plan will turn into a Nightmare

A Dream without a Plan will turn into a Nightmare

The Creator gives us the things our hearts desire. Oftentimes they come to us in the form of our dreams. As we are often encouraged to go for our dreams, rarely are we told how to go towards making those dreams come true. Dreams do come true, every day but, the ones that have staying power started with a plan. Any dream worth working for should always be accompanied by a solid plan to make it happen. That’s really the only way anyone will take you and your dream seriously.  Let me tell you something else. The plan is the secret ingredient that makes a dream morph into an accomplishment, and the lack of a plan is what keeps a talented sistah or creative brother, just dreaming.

If you fail to plan, trust the plan will fail and that turns the dream into a straight nightmare.  If you want to make yourself sick to your stomach, go for your dreams without a plan. You will soon see after stumbling around in madness and uncertainty that the dream that used to keep you up at night has become a never-ending horror story that won’t let you rest. Dreams are meant to keep us alive however our planning shows our dedication to making the dream come true, without it the dream is doomed and so are you! Therefore forever apply to memory that A Dream without a Plan will turn into a Nightmare one can’t wake up from.

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Tracie Christian

August 5th, 2017

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