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A Mistake Made Twice is a Decision

A Mistake Made Twice is a Decision


Making a mistake is a part of the human experience. It is our way of paying for what we do not know. It reminds us that Ignorance is not always bliss and demonstrates how much power there is in what we do know. That said, once a mistake is made if done it again, can we still call it a mistake? After all the first time a mistake is made, the popular rationale for the mistake is saying that we didn’t know. When we do the same thing over again, it is not because we do not know; it’s a choice we made in spite of what we know. Therefore, a mistake made twice isn’t a mistake at all, it is a decision and that makes all the difference in the world. Whether or not folks agree with your new found decision, it’s time for Grown Folk Undies to be pulled up in an effort to take responsibility for that decision and not to attempt to disguise it as another misguided, uninformed misstep.

Mistakes are accidental while Decisions are intentional. Mistakes are stumbled upon and Decisions are calculated, strategized and made in total awareness of the impending consequences, mainly because a mistake of doing the same exact thing happened first. If you know what can happen, then when it does we cannot call it a mistake. Next time let’s keep phrases to their proper meaning so that we may elevate to higher ground from the missteps of learned behaviors. It is our job as adults to get it right in order to grow from all we DO and DO NOT know so always remember, A Mistake Made Twice is a Decision do not try to move forward with distorted vision.

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Tracie Christian

July 30th, 2016

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