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Being alone should always be a Choice, not a Condition

Being alone should always be a Choice, not a Condition

While being in love is bliss, so they say, the sentiment of being alone is usually thought of as love’s ultimate diss! This is because no one ever really wants to be alone. Everyone wants someone to love. However, those that really hate being alone, are too willing to sacrifice their heart because their head has got the concept twisted. When we forget about the emotion of being alone and apply a little logic instead, it just might make the vision clearer, so here goes.

Being alone is defined as; separated, apart or isolated from others. Now by definition, the word ALONE has negative implications just because we see the words Isolated, apart and separate, but if we look a little deeper we might find a few Pros to combat those Cons. Consider how we look to the outside world when we say things like; I Hate being alone!   Someone might misunderstand that statement to mean we do not like being by ourselves and nothing about that would make anyone else want to be with us. When we’re in pursuit of the Love & Happiness that Al Green sings about, we have to be comfortable enough with what we want in a mate long enough to wait until we see that in someone else. That can never happen if we are tripping over being by ourselves. It takes time for any of us to get to know who we really are and what that person wants usually changes over time, space and lessons. Therefore, it’s not only wise to spend some time with ourselves by ourselves in order to get to know ourselves before a relationship, but it’s also imperative in between relationships as well.  Due to the fact that people do indeed change so do we when a relationship is over. We need time to process how we were changed by that involvement. If we don’t spend time alone to process what we’ve been through, we fall for the rebound person whose heart is sure to get trampled by us running from what the last relationship did to us, without recouping and regrouping. At best that act is selfish and at worst, its plain old disastrous for us and them. So logically we should welcome being alone for a bit, to relearn ourselves, nurse our hearts and love on us before and after an involvement if for no other reason than to be equipped to show others how to best love on us! Remember being alone is not a condition of sorrow it should be a choice for a better tomorrow!

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Tracie Christian

February 17th, 2018

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