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Bitterness Harms its Host Most

Bitterness Harms its Host Most

In this thing we call Life, there are sure to be quite a few instances that are so negative, counter-productive and straight up sour it can leave a very bad taste in our mouths. However, the funny thing about bad stuff is that often times it is necessary to incite growth and courage under fire. Also, whether it feels like it or not, the bad stuff is not meant to be long lasting. It’s a temporary kind-of-thing that is intended to change our positions and the way we move in those positions. Knowing that, then we should also know that carrying the baggage of grudges, animosity and bitterness weighs us down tougher than an anchor on a boat and stunts our growth like kids smoking cigarettes and makes forward progress virtually impossible. That I am sure is a total No Go in your world just as it is in mines and here’s why.

Bitterness harms its Host Most. You see if you really want to actively block your own blessings, hold a grudge about being wronged, challenged or forgotten and see how far you get. Nowhere fast is the only place being bitter for the long term will take you. That’s not just in circumstances of a friendship fallouts, family feuds, or love hangovers. I am speaking of the love for bitterness as a whole. Holding grudges add years onto your life, but no value, no growth and no change and getting older without those things make us straight strange, for lack of a better word.  Remember people forgiveness opens the door of abundance, just as the Creator at one point or another forgave us, it should be our mission to pass that feeling of forgiveness along. Not because we approve of the actions of the folks or situations that hurt us, but for our advancement past those situations! Abundance is the prize when we offer Forgiveness to others because it helps us most of all. Conversely, if you hold on to the bitterness, then it will wreak you first, second and last and that may lead to a pain that may not be as easy to recover from. Therefore, it always best to remember that Bitterness harms its Host Most as too much of a bad thing leads to a terrible time for all!

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Tracie Christian

September 9th, 2017

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