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Carrying Dead Weight Won’t Help You be Great

Carrying Dead Weight Won’t Help You be Great

Why do we consistently try to hold on to people who would rather leave our space? Why do we always try to convince the shiftless to do better? Lastly, why do we continue to try to smooth out the edges of those who visibly like it rough? I think it’s because a little bit of the Hero Complex resides in all of us. On some level, we all have a secret desire to be admired for our contributions to someone else’s world. Think about it. Who doesn’t like to hear the words; “I would have never done this if it weren’t for you”, or “You saved me from…” and while those sentiments may come from a good place, at some point we’ve got to be real with ourselves about what folks really do or don’t add to our lives. It’s a necessary justice and once we discover that some are taking more than they are adding or giving to our situation, we must make some hard decisions indeed.

Letting go is never easy but always necessary when we find we’re not getting anything good from it and that should go for jobs, situations, and people if applicable. Keeping those that add no value is counter-productive to growth and keeping it real often goes real wrong before too long. It is never smart to surround ourselves with things and people that don’t challenge and support us towards being better. Truth be told, there is no greater disappointment than keeping someone around in an effort to change them, only for them to revert back to old habits as soon as your head is turned if they wait that long. If they don’t want to change for their own reasons, they certainly will not appreciate you trying to get them to change, even if the change is in their best interest. Therefore, your effort does neither them nor you any good and if you don’t let go….resentment will surely set in in at least one if not both of you further stunting your growth. It’s admirable to want to be somebody’s hero but just keep in mind that carrying dead weight won’t help you be great. You can do that all by yourself indeed.

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Tracie Christian

December 30th, 2017

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