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Concentrate on what Blesses not what Stresses

Concentrate on what Blesses not what Stresses

It is a foregone conclusion that stress is a part of the human existence. It’s not pleasant, nor is it something we look forward to because we have all come to know stress as the silent killer. If not managed properly stress can wreak havoc on our; heart rate, blood pressure, and state of mind if we are not careful. Now, while there are several strategies for dealing with the stresses of the world, relief can and must start with us and we can do more about it than run up our health care costs trying to manage it, simpler than most think. One clear way to handle stress is to keep it in its proper perspective. Don’t over-think or overemphasize its power and you might just save yourself a few hours wasted on stressing the small stuff forgetting the most important piece to this puzzle…it’s all small stuff indeed.

See if for every hour we spent stressing, we instead spend two more hours appreciating our blessings there is no way our foul mood would stay the same. For every one thing you’re missing, consider every one thing that you’ve got and where you would be if not for having those things and you will feel better. I promise the silver lining in your storm cloud will illuminate your path to a better way of thinking. You will be more equipped to deal with solutions rather than obsessing over the problem in all-out panic mode. Panic makes us manic. We can’t think in panic mode and never do what we are told in those times so if we know to handle those times differently the end result can be anything better than “freaking-the-blank-out”! Remember stress ultimately means we give a damn, or better still we really care about the outcome. That said, if you care so much, then dare to do right by your spirit and let that hold on stress go…for the better to always remain Calm and Clever! The key is Concentrate on what Blesses You not what Stresses YOU is BEST for all to do!

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Tracie Christian

November 18th, 2017

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