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Create Your Own Path and Trust the Journey

Create Your Own Path and Trust the Journey

Destiny fulfilled is definitely possible, however, it can never happen if you constantly doubt the road you’re taking. For instance, I am an author and have been for the last ten years which means I am in the business of selling books. However, the traditional routes to publishing my books didn’t work for me. I was uninterested in sending manuscripts to publishing houses, setting myself up for loads of rejection in print, so I self-published my works. For most, selling books at tradeshows, writer conferences, flea markets and the like are highly effective. However, being the recluse that I sometimes am, I prefer to create my own signature events to sell my books in person, exclusively. Whenever possible I enjoy speaking engagements that allow me a platform in front of an audience that I can wow on stage and sell my books to afterward and it works marvelously for me. Now, I said all that to say, once I found out that the traditional author path did not work for me, I could have chosen to do one of two things; be defeated and quit or create my path, and as you can see, it must be working for me otherwise I would have quit six books ago. The same can be true for you if you trust the gifts the Creator gave you.

Once you decide to travel your own path indeed, you must allow the Creator to lead. Trust the journey because even the most painful aspects will keep you learning. No, your story will not look like everyone else’s but does that make it invalid or unimportant, of course, it doesn’t. What we fail to see is that our journey; whether it’s good or bad will still inspire others and take you to places you have never dreamed as long as you trust it. Remember if you can make it conceivable in your mind, then you can make it a reality in due time. If the way it’s usually done doesn’t work for you, then you already know what you’ve gotta do. Create your own path and trust the journey.

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Tracie Christian

April 21st, 2018

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