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Death leaves a Heartache no one can Heal, but Love leaves a Memory no one can Steal

Death leaves a Heartache no one can Heal, but Love leaves a Memory no one can Steal


Grief is one of the hardest emotions to deal with and unfortunately, we have all had to encounter it at one time or another. The loss feeling of helplessness over the death of a loved one is hard, fair and final and that is why it hurts. It’s hard because of the knowledge that we will never see that person again in the way in which we are accustomed. It’s fair because death is a road we all must one day travel. The Final part of death is pretty much self-explanatory. The problem is we usually never know when our final moment is upon us which is why it is so imperative to live each day as if it is your last.

However, in the days to follow a devastating loss, the realization hits us that we can find huge comfort in all the special moments, occasions and instances in life that involve that loved one. Days after my Aunt’s recent death, I am reminded of all the things we did together over the last 13 years. She celebrated Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversaries, Book Signings, Plays, Luncheons and Listening Parties with me. She helped me as a Daughter, Mother and Wife. Things I learned from her, I get to pass on to my daughter and friends for enrichment and purpose. Through my thoughts, The Creator reminded me of how she made my life better and although I still miss her terribly, I know she’s always with me. She went from being my Aunt to becoming my Angel and what I remember most can never be taken away from me the way she was in the physical sense. Her spirit lives on in my heart forever. It doesn’t stop the hurt but it definitely dulls the sting a bit and time I know, will eventually heal the wound her death left. Of course I will always miss her. Will I ever see her again? Yes…every night in my dreams! For I know that Death leaves a Heartache no one can heal but Love leaves a Memory no one can steal.

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Tracie Christian

November 14th, 2015

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