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Don’t Block Your Blessing because it didn’t come  from who You thought it Should

Don’t Block Your Blessing because it didn’t come from who You thought it Should

How many times have you done something selfless and it seemed to have gone totally unnoticed or unappreciated by the person you did the act for? If you are anything like me, their passive nonchalant attitude makes you feel some kind of way, and trust me I get that. However, I have come to learn that in those types of moments is when we are supposed to enact the phrase; when you know better, you show better. What that means is it’s not all about how you feel about a situation, so much as it is about how you react to a situation that really matters and can count you in or out of your favor. You see usually when one is unappreciated the result is resistance. Back in the day, I may have been guilty of having some serious words with someone I was nice to that didn’t appreciate it. I would have felt justified in letting them know just how I jive I thought they were, but nowadays, I know better so, I show better.

Through growth and understanding now, I have the maturity and common sense to know that even when a good deed we’ve done is not adequately reciprocated to our satisfaction by the recipient of our good nature, doesn’t mean the heavens will not still send good karma our way. Good begets good yes, but that good could be tripped up on its way to you by your entitlement shenanigans. What if totally going off or acting out immediately canceled out the blessing you were bound to receive although it may not have been coming in the gift wrapping you were looking for? I bet a lot of people would be looking real silly if God showed them the scorecard of the blessings they missed out on acting a fool because such and such didn’t give it to them. Think about it. My point is if the sentiment behind a good deed is genuine, a blessing is sure to follow in some shape, fashion or form, as long as we don’t block it with our *ish! Friends do not waste good energy being disappointed, or mad at someone’s failure to acknowledge your good deed because your blessings are sealed as long as you stay out of your own way. Don’t block your blessing because it didn’t come from who you thought it should as, only a Fool would block their own good and that is just another one for Us all to grow on!

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Tracie Christian

December 9th, 2017

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