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Don’t get Lost hiding from Your Truth

Don’t get Lost hiding from Your Truth

Yes, we all have skeletons in our closets and not all of them are we willing to let come outside. We chose to keep them hidden for all sorts of reasons; embarrassment, fear, and regret tend to stand at the top of the list of potential reasons to keep our mistakes, missteps and the unmentionable hidden. However, no matter how good we get at hiding from others, we must be sure to NOT make the mistake of hiding from ourselves. That’s when reality gets lost in exclusions and illusions that never allow anyone to get to know that real you! Now, what good can that possibly do?  When we hide, sometimes we get so caught up in trying not to be seen, we lose ourselves and if our truth is not recognized by us…our essence can get lost for good. Do not be one of those people who lets that happen because you are so busy hiding!

Your truth belongs to you. All the good, the bad and the ugly make up the total sum of who you are from the inside out. In spite of our hidden treasures, (i.e. Trials and Triumphs) our story never ends with the lessons, situations, and experiences we try to hide from. You see in hiding, we stop being real because we do not want people to see how, where, when and what we messed up. The Perfect Picture is what we strive for when the Pretty Mess gets us to our best! The first doesn’t exist and the latter still persists. All the way in the back of our mind lies what we hide from. That which we think and oftentimes hope is lost always resurfaces, especially if we really don’t want it to. Yet regardless of what we want, where there is a lesson…stands to be a blessing when the truth is exposed. It never gets old and that is because when the TRUTH is revealed all mistakes can be repealed. Our story doesn’t end because truth gives us the opportunity for a DO-OVER to correct and connect to show better because we now know better!  It’s never good to hide, for your truth is definite proof of exactly who you are and are destined to become, so don’t run! Don’t get Lost Hiding from Your Truth!

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Tracie Christian

January 21st, 2017

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