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Don’t Worry About Who You Don’t Get because You Don’t Know Who You Gone Get

Don’t Worry About Who You Don’t Get because You Don’t Know Who You Gone Get

A little slang never hurt anybody as long as you get a valid point across. “Gone Get” in this week’s Mental Meal is the Slang that helps us all to better understand this message. Don’t worry about who you don’t get because you don’t know who you gone get! Simple in theory but when it’s time to put action to the idea, things can get hella complicated and here is why.

In the phases of life when we are most uncertain, we begin to give life to random theories that stop us from living out our mind’s adventures. For example, when I am about to throw any kind of event, I always find myself concerned with who may not purchase my product, or who can’t make it to my party. Truth be told, I get a little sad days before an event when I get those “I have other Plans” call. However, I have learned over the years that if we allow ourselves to get trapped in the web of Who Doesn’t, we won’t have the time or energy to Cater those Who DO! In business, family, and fun we should never worry much about who fails to support the venture because our only job is to tend to the people who do support, point blank and the period. Do you want to know why that is? It is because when people are satisfied with your product and or event and have been showered with Love and Happiness for their participation by you, their word of mouth becomes more valuable than gold. You won’t have to worry about those who don’t support because the ones who did will tell all especially to the ones who don’t know. Supporters are extra happy to put people up on game about what’s good. Plus, it always better for others to talk about you positively than it is to be the only one talking about you anyway, right? If you can get over the hurdle of caring about who doesn’t get in formation, you will have more time to Love Up on those who show you the ultimate dedication. And believe me, people, this not what I heard. This is what I know and just like with GI Joe, “ knowing is half the battle!”

As always it is my pleasure to bring you another B Cyde Mental Meal to chew on throughout your week. Be sure to Plan to JOIN the JAM Saturdays at 11 am only on just Click the LISTEN LIVE logo and hit play to have the Jam Session of the Day!

Tracie Christian

September 2nd, 2017

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