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Dreams that keep coming back are your DESTINY!

Dreams that keep coming back are your DESTINY!



In life, it is a beautiful day when one is born. It is an even more beautiful day when that One discovers why they were born because that means they have found their DESTINY. I often hear people tell others to follow their destiny and work towards their dreams, but how does that work for those who have not yet discovered their destiny and thus have no concrete dreams to attach themselves to? I’ll tell you how it works. It doesn’t. When we have not tapped into our destiny we cannot work towards it. I think people yearn for ways to discover what their destiny really is. For that, I say, look for the dream that keeps coming back because most likely, it is your destiny. The breakdown is simpler than you think, so here we go.

There’s an old saying that goes, “People are most likely to find their destiny on the road they took to avoid it.” I take that to mean that we can easily occupy of lives with the goals others think we should and can achieve. Before long, those roads will still lead us back to what we are meant to do, even if it seems impossible to us. We tend to dream of the things we think are unattainable. It’s common for all of us to dream the impossible dream. Therefore, when we have that dream more than once we think we’re just obsessing over something we can never have. However remember if we change the way we look at things, the things we look at are sure to change too. Thinking from a different perspective, when our subconscious is kidnapped by the same reoccurring dream, think of it as The Creator trying to tell you something! Your mind keeps taking you back to the same place because there is something The Creator wants you to see, feel, and pay attention to. So he plays us like advertisers and keeps drilling it into our head until we get it. That’s why it becomes one of those dreams you always remember. It keeps coming to you in different facets, phases and even through different people, known and unknown, dead and alive. If God talked to us all from the heavens in stereo, the world would be one noisy ass place right? So is it really that far-fetched to think that God talks to us individually through our dreams? I think not. Sure I can tell you to work hard and be diligent until your destiny is realized. However, I think you’d be better served if I offered a way to tap into that undiscovered destiny we all wish to find. Therefore, if you don’t know your destiny, take a hard look at the dream that keeps coming back, it’s probably your Destiny knocking you in the head, trying to Wake YOU Up for the good part of life I know you have been waiting for.

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Tracie Christian

November 5th, 2016

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