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Everyone Can’t GO with You Because Everyone is not going to GROW with You

Everyone Can’t GO with You Because Everyone is not going to GROW with You

In a perfect world we want EVERYONE we Love to roll on the road to success with us! We want them on that bus Gus and it hurts when we make seats available to folks who just won’t act right, but we want them there anyway. Yawl know the ones I am talking about too. Those that laugh at your dreams, those that won’t change but want to still be in the picture frame, and those that don’t believe you can make it because they don’t believe they can. Sound familiar?  The killing part is that more often than not, these folks don’t come to us in the form stranger danger, they come by way of family, friends, colleagues, and ever popular friendly foes we see every day. Yet, these are the people we want to go with us on the road to our success? If this is true, then it’s time someone realizes that those thoughts tell less about them and all about you! Follow me and see.

The folks in your circle that are supportive, encouraging, positive and helpful are never going to leave your side. You won’t have ask because they are going to be there always. That means the only folks left to include in your world are the naysayers we want desperately to prove wrong! However, having them on the success bus says a lot most won’t like about us. See, moving beyond another’s doubt instantaneously demonstrates courage beyond what we know in our actions and anyone who won’t take a seat you save for them, quite frankly doesn’t deserve to go with you because they’re not willing to grow with you! Your grind equals growth and folks with no vision cannot see that. Thus those stunted folks just don’t need to go! So make no fuss about who’s on the bus Gus as The Creator will make sure the strong are where they belong….TRUST. Everyone can’t go with you because everyone is not going to grow with you. This is a simple lesson well worth learning on the journey!

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Tracie Christian

April 1st, 2017

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