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Excuses are Detours on Your Road to Success

Excuses are Detours on Your Road to Success

In Life, it is easier to find an excuse not to go out on a limb for your dreams than it is to fight the fear of failure and go for it without excuses. I get it. It’s hard because the fear of failure is very real. However, the one thing most of us forget is that the road to success is paved in uncertainty. You must have a skin that’s built Ford tough to stay on that road, when it’s bumpy, filled with holes, closed or re-routed. The only way to master maneuvering is to stay on the road. Keep going, don’t give up even if no one else on this planet believes you can achieve what you aspire to. Never would I say that what I am telling you is easy to do but trust and believe it is indeed necessary for all to hear to get to destination Blow-Up-U-Ation, so I am saying anyway.

Contrary to popular opinion when the pursuit of dreams is decided upon, it is not always fun, games, glitz, and glamor. More often than not, especially in the beginning, there are more, quiet moments of reflection, strategizing, struggle, and work that goes into it, than there is Turn Up Time potential. That said we have to be diligent in our efforts to stay focused, with eyes on the prize when doubt begins to creep in during those quiet moments because that’s where excuses are born. If given the energy to manifest, our excuses can create bigger detours on the road to success than the ones already there. The only difference is that the road’s detours come with the territory and excuses are created from the inside out. Simply put, excuses are man/woman made, usually created by the one spouting them out.

The truth is, you will not always know how your success will come to fruition and it may not even come in the wrapping you’re looking for. You will have to do things you have never done to get things you have never had. You will have long nights with no rest only to get back up at the crack of dawn to do it all over again. You will get knocked down but the swag is built in how you get up so none of the fore-mentioned potential excuses will work. I’ve got a counter for every one of them. So if you’re trying to drive to your greatness, you better pack light and kick the excuses to the curb as they serve no real purpose other than to hold up the progress of your success. I read somewhere that, “Excuses are tools of incompetence used to build bridges to nowhere and man-made monuments of nothingness and those who use them seldom specialize in anything else.” Therefore always remember…Excuses are Detours on Your Road to Success, thus making them counter-productive to Achieving your Best.

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Tracie Christian

July 1st, 2017

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