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Focusing on What You Don’t Want Will Get You Exactly That

Focusing on What You Don’t Want Will Get You Exactly That

It is totally logical to think focusing on what you want will get you what you want. It makes total sense that we get whatever it is we put our concentration on. The problem really lies in what we choose to focus on. Too many times I have seen people spend a boat load of time complaining and showing out over minuses in their lives. What they don’t have, who doesn’t come around, and what they can’t get takes up lots of space in the forefront of their consciousness, and being all they talk about, as a result, it’s  all they think about too.  One of the most passed over concepts in changing a situation is first readjusting our mindset. Common sense lends to this; if focusing on what we want gets us what we want, then focusing on what we don’t want is sure to get us just that.

There is no progress in harping on what you don’t want. The time it takes to make others aware of what we don’t want can easily be better spent putting some actions towards what it is we do want instead. Hollering loud doesn’t mean we’ll be heard and turning up on the negatives of life usually turns out really bad in the aftermath. It is more productive to remember that we speak into our future daily. Once one realizes the true power of words and the hand we play in giving words their power, we discover that focusing on the minuses will never add up. It will just keep us stuck, going nowhere really fast. That’s why it is important to keep things in proper perspective as oftentimes our outlook will smooth determine our outcomes every time. So there is absolutely no harm in being reminded that focusing on what you don’t want will get you exactly that and not much else.

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Tracie Christian

February 24th, 2018

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