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If You Don’t want things to go Left…Stay Right!

If You Don’t want things to go Left…Stay Right!

We never want the obstacles of Life, we’d rather coast through worry free. We don’t want the trouble of Life’s obstacles yet oftentimes, we easily forget we hold the key to handling obstacles. Getting to them, and through them is all on us, no matter how hard it may seem. So if you don’t want things to go left in life…. Stay right in your life!

Choose Integrity over Ignorance. Choose Work over Worry and choose Courage over Fear. Choose Confidence over Conceit and Right will always be on your side no matter what obstacles you encounter. Remember we are the masters of our own fate so before the obstacles of life trip you up, remember to think to get through and move within the bounds of what’s best for you. The right thing isn’t always popular, and the popular thing isn’t always right but the fate of your life always relies on you. Therefore, if you don’t want things to go Left, stay right. If your movement is not fair, then expect the foul.

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Tracie Christian

January 28th, 2017

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