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It is time to Get Excited about Your Struggle

It is time to Get Excited about Your Struggle


You have spent enough time tripping over your fears and that has gotten you nowhere fast. You already know that fear is an unappreciated emotion that illustrates how much we really care about something in spite of our dismissal of it. Meaning the way we handle fear of our struggle, is the key to overcoming it once and for all. Therefore, instead of dreading struggling, why not try embracing it instead? In a stunning effort to flip the script, get excited about your struggle and allow it to motivate the inner fight within you.

Struggle has no power except that which we give it worrying and complaining. Be excited about that kind of power. Knowing you have total control over your ability to get to the next level should allow you to let your struggle guide your way through it. Believe in yourself enough to pimp slap your struggle with uncertainty. Dot the “I” of insecurity by using fear of struggling as a tool to fool yourself into winning. It is easier than you think. Just imagine the feeling of accomplishment if you fight through your struggles to get to the other side of success. Then imagine how defeated you will feel if you let your fear of the struggle stop you completely. Stomping out Struggle, is when your Integrity is born and you learn all about your inner fight. Yes, struggling can do all that while you embrace it. Letting fear of it stop your progress should no longer be an option. Remember no struggle, no progress so I guess it’s best to get excited about the struggle to overcome it on the double! If you flip it, you can get it indeed.

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Tracie Christian

January 2nd, 2016

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