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Know Your Own Level & Make Others Step Up or Step Aside

Know Your Own Level & Make Others Step Up or Step Aside

Everyone on this planet should be working to ascend to their next level in life and if you happen to run into someone who’s not working to go up, run faster. The reason why I say that is because people who are not going up, have a tendency to bring others down and that practice is counter-productive to good living. It is imperative to remember the importance of knowing your own worth, and where you want to go so that others won’t take it upon themselves to track a misguided course for you. Living in a society where virtually anything goes, the wise must always know to track their own course and knowing where we’re going and where we want to be is vital to that process for forward progress.

We love who we love and it’s as simple as that when it comes to matters of the heart and if the love is pure, then we are most likely to love beyond weaknesses and character flaws, just as we want to be loved. However, with said Love has to come brutal honesty with at least ourselves and thus with others. Knowing where we are in life requires us to always strive to go up rather than down, and move forward rather than backward. Therefore, it is unacceptable for us to be willing to Dummy Down to the lower level for others simply because we love them. It is because of our love for them that we must continue our journey even when the ones we love don’t recognize it, believe in it or want to follow in our footsteps. It should be our hope that our movement may inspire others and if one of those others just happens to be someone we love, then that is icing on the cake of progress. Just because we see someone we love is not where we are, but on a lower level, we can reach down to pull them up but if they smack our hand, then we’ve got to move on. Don’t allow loved ones to stunt your growth. Require them to step up to the level you are on or, step aside to make room for those that want to join the ride. This does not mean we are closing the door forever, however just because they refuse to walk through it doesn’t mean it should be closed to us. We must be strong enough to Walk On like Mint Condition says even if our loved ones are all gone.

As always it is my pleasure to bring you another B Cyde Mental Meal to chew on throughout your week. Plan to JOIN the JAM w/T Elice and Kymmie K on the show dubbed the Soul Train of Radio, Back on the B Cyde Saturdays at 11 AM only on the multi-award-winning    

Tracie Christian

March 10th, 2018

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