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The Loudest Boos come from Those in the Closest Seats

The Loudest Boos come from Those in the Closest Seats


Any fool can recognize a hater. They make themselves easier to spot than a hooker in church. They keep the side eye in action at all times, no matter where they are. They almost always have something negative to point out and when it comes to giving props, haters get forgetful real quick. As a matter of fact, Hater-ation, as termed by the Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige, has been known to run so rampant, that people are quick to give advice on how to handle the Haters. You have heard all the familiar anecdotes before. “Kill them with Kindness” or “Love Your Haters because they’re your #1 fan.” I maintain that’s all well and good for the Hater we don’t know personally, have never met and will probably never see. However, what about those we do know, love and see almost every freaking day?

Unfortunately, the role of “Hater” is not restricted to only people we are unfamiliar with. More often than not, the first hater is usually someone we love and trust. The killing part about this is that their hating ways generally have little to nothing to do with us. People hate on what they don’t understand and what they feel they can’t accomplish. Make no mistake loved ones are far from exempt and it’s harder to love them when you see their Hater within. Trust me I know. That’s when the best of reality kicks in to remind you of something everyone needs to know. Some people just don’t deserve to sit in the front row of your life. When a loved one turns on the Hater inside…push that person aside until they see the light before they end up dimming yours! If they hate on your good, then remove them away from your pleasant neighborhood, where only your real supporters belong. No, it is not easy and yes it will be hard and leave an ultra, bad taste in your mouth but at least it’s fair. It’s fair to you to remove negative forces to make room for the positives headed your way in replacement and it’s fair to them because after too long they’ll just get bored hating on you. Removing them lends space for them to focus on another topic and trust…they will once you take yourself out of the equation. Remember when people, even loved ones, show you exactly who they are, BELIEVE THEM then, RELIEVE THEM to FREE YOURSELF!

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Tracie Christian

November 19th, 2016

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