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Make Sure Your House is ALWAYS a Home

Make Sure Your House is ALWAYS a Home

Not only during holiday seasons should we be sure to clean our house. Now please know that I am not talking about cleaning in the physical “Spic-N-Span” sense, but I am referring to vibes of our personal dwelling. Sometimes even the best, most consciously aware people get too caught up in the world’s troubles before recognizing and working to solve their own issues. You know the issues I am referring to; those troubles we don’t voice, that issue we’ve been avoiding and hoping will just go away, or that concern we have been smooth lying to ourselves about while zeroing in on other’s messes to help us to forget about our own ish. In short, don’t be green about keeping your own house clean.

Mama used to say, “People in glasses houses should not throw stones!” Well, before you open your trap to point out a flaw in someone else’s domain, one better check their own so-call-well-kept space. You see karma is forever in play peeps so, when you spend too much time talking about the issues that kept dust-up in someone else’s house, it means you are not paying proper attention to what happening in your space and before long, you just might find Your skeletons jumping out of Your closet to chase You all around the room! Before any of us can be a true blessing to someone else, we have to stay true to what it do in our own world first. Stack your bones, line up your clones and get your life on your own before you go shaking out someone else’s welcome mat. If home is where the heart is…Make your space the place where your start is. In an effort to never truly be alone remember to always make your house a home!

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Tracie Christian

November 25th, 2017

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