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Never Try to Rescue Someone Who Doesn’t Want to be Saved

Never Try to Rescue Someone Who Doesn’t Want to be Saved

As we go through life, we encounter all kinds of strife. Once we have successfully conquered our strife, we should look for the lessons behind the struggle and be willing to pass them on to others. However, even when we know our information can help someone else that is going through a trying time we can’t force them to receive it. We must be mindful that folks come into their own understanding, in their own time. If we try to offer our knowledge nuggets to someone who is not ready to learn those gems will be dismissed as useless, and the only one that will be disappointed to a high level is Us.

To be real, most people are embarrassed by the missteps they’ve made in life. Then there are others who are totally comfortable in their mess, and while it is admirable to want to stop them from suffering a fate we are already familiar with, we must fall back if they are not willing to change. Changing circumstances requires work. Folks must be good with the uncertainty of their efforts to grow. Thus, when we come across someone who is unwilling to change, we must leave them in their familiarity, as some are just more comfortable dealing with the devil they know rather than the one they don’t. Your life lessons will be wasted on someone who is complacent with the status quo. Remember everybody talks about Change but few rarely ever want to do what is necessary to make change happen. Therefore, always remember to Never try to Rescue Someone Who Doesn’t Want to be Saved. Sometime people must wallow in their own mess to smell it, realize it stinks and want it off them and until they do letting them stew is the best thing any of us can do.

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Tracie Christian

March 3rd, 2018

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