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The of Hypocrisy of Injustice

The of Hypocrisy of Injustice


Be it Nationally or Locally there is something sick and ugly going on in our world when black people are getting gunned down for simple, everyday things like L.W.B. – Living While Black! There is something rancid….basically stinking up the joint when children and the elderly are killed with total malice and disregard for no good damn reason! There is something sinister happening when a citizen journalist/businessman is attacked in a church for reporting an unruly, violent occurance that should have never happened in the first place! Yes, I said it and I am going to keep saying it until my people, your people, Black People STOP THE MADNESS at once!

What good comes from making, carrying and posting signs of the ills of racism if the action is followed up with violence and looting? Exactly what is that solving? How is that helping our culture to dispell the negative stereotypes the peg us as savage, uncontrollable people? Check your history people! Destroying our communities never helped us cure the ills and woes of injustice. Hell, my hometown of Detroit, MI still bears visible signs and images of the tragedy that was the ’67 riots in spite of it really being a cry for help, out of frustration. It is hypocrisy at work and it needs to stop at once. Shouts to the non-violent protesters around our country. I am not talking about You! How is it that people trip all the way out when an athlete decides not to stand during the national anthem at a football game, and that’s NEWS. Yet, when an 80-year-old woman was recently carjacked in a shopping plaza in broad daylight and slews of children are being murdered in urban cities around the country at an alarming rate, nobody says BOO about all that? Check your priorities people and let’s make the issues that really matter to us stand center stage, please! Instead of constantly buying into the status quo. Lastly, yes I said it is sinister to see someone get jacked-up in a church because they had a camera and hadn’t been there before. Silly me, I thought the Bible said, “Come as you are”. It doesn’t matter that he was someone I know. It should have never happened because of someone else intentions, or the perceptions of another’s intentions. In a house of worship there is supposed to be peace and since I heard The Devil sits in the front pew each week, then EVERYONE should feel Safe once they come inside. Even the thugs, hoodlums, gang-bangers, prostitutes, drug addicts, homeless people and even activists and journalists should be able to cop a squat inside the House of the Lord, knowing how to act and trusting the people of the church will do the same. We are supposed to be on the SAME DAMN SIDE PEOPLE! The Divide and Conquer never ends and is usually ultra successful so again I say STOP THE FREAKING MADNESS!

If ever there is a time for US, as People of Color to Get-A-Clue, it is NOW! Do not get sucked into issues that do not impact our bottom line. It is surely time to make our Urgency their Emergency…cleverly though and definitely by ANY MEANS NECESSARY! Remeber, Strategy is Key so, Use It before we all Lose it for good! That’s My Thoughts and My Time!!! Until we meet again Keep Your Mind Tight to Make your Wrongs Right! Peace, LOVE & Smooches!


Tracie Christian

September 23rd, 2016

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