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The One You Want the Most could be the One You’re Best Without

The One You Want the Most could be the One You’re Best Without

Newsflash family, no one really cares about what you want…only you! Sometimes life forces us to look past what we want because the Creator is trying to give us what we need instead. Determining the importance of needs over wants can be difficult especially in the selecting our circle of friends and loved ones but here’s a new perspective to ponder to help.

When someone is trying to leave your life, whether you have done something wrong or not, you have to let them. Trying to block them will make them resent you. Trying to stop them is a disservice to you and trying to remind them of your importance in their life is pointless if they don’t already see it. Yes, I understand you love them and I understand you may actually think at first that you need them. However, regardless of how much you want them there you never need anyone in your space that has to be forced, coerced or bribed to stick and stay on any day. The truth is that if you let them leave then that’s one less person you have to focus on. In spite of the hurt, the energy you’d use to convince them to stay can be better spent making things happen around your way. Once they leave you do not have to close the door forever. You can let them back in if and whenever they wish to return. But in the meantime and in between time, you have to consider you are better without someone who doesn’t want to be there for you. You deserve reverent friends who see the benefit of being in your space. Anything less is unnatural and there’s enough artificial stuff in the world. Artificial over Authenticity is just stupid at best. Therefore, always remember when someone wants to leave your world the best bet is to let them go. As, the one we want the most, could be the one we are best without.  

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Tracie Christian

February 11th, 2017

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