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There’s a Fine Line between Using Your Voice & Running Your Mouth

There’s a Fine Line between Using Your Voice & Running Your Mouth

It is impressive to see an educated person stand up against injustice, unfairness, and degradation. The gesture alone can make one look at another with a new found respect and maybe even admiration for their ability to do something that most would not. However, we all should be mindful of the fine lines that are not to be crossed when using our voices for Good, because if not, the gesture could just as easily switch to evil intent almost without warning.  If you have ever heard the old saying, “watch what people say over what they do,” then you may have an idea of what I mean. Oftentimes, the actions that follow the gesture of Using One’s Voice unveils the speakers real intent and sometimes it is not to stand up against anything although that may be what it looks like at first glance. Beyond the surface, with just a little more strategized observation may reveal a whole other issue that may need to get handled with the quickness.

Since we all know that people .love to talk about what they think they know when you hear someone using their voice…be sure they are not just running their mouth in an effort to be heard rather than standing up for what’s right. How does one know the difference? Here’s an example.  True Activism is followed by action. People use their voice to broadcast an issue of concern and follow it up with a plan of action to address said concern. Mouth running is usually followed up with gossip, rumor and oftentimes lies that have been distorted through repetition for anyone silly enough to listen. It solves nothing and only leaves more questions for folks to talk about. It’s not helpful nor is it admirable to be running your mouth about what you think you know about someone or a situation. It lacks class and in truth, makes an ass out of you and all who get caught up in the tale! No one wants to be classified as the ass telling the wrong tale and that is exactly what running your mouth will get you. When you see it in someone else, get away from them fast so your integrity is not harassed with their foolishness. As grown Folks, when we Know Better, it is our responsibility to Show Better. So, always remember there is a fine line between using your voice and running your mouth and it is always our job to make sure that we Know the Difference!

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Tracie Christian

June 3rd, 2017

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