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To Be who You Want to Be You Must Do the Things You Have Never Done

To Be who You Want to Be You Must Do the Things You Have Never Done

Change in life is an evitable occurrence. When we resist change we through obstacles in our own path. Conversely, when we embrace change we have a natural tendency to get better, even though we fight it tooth and nail, kicking and screaming most times. I think people resist change because it requires work. Change requires the kind of hard work most people do not look forward to doing. It takes the kind of effort that is constant and when we are comfortable where we are, change isn’t necessarily something we look forward to. However, I think minds would change if we considered that those who respect ambition, admire tenacity and love to see perseverance have to look fondly upon change because the those three are a direct result of things not necessarily staying the same. See in order to get to the Best YOU, one must do the things that they have never done before. Since the concept of no struggle, no progress is real, change is required to adjust your deal.

If we aspire to be better, then things cannot stay the way they are. In order to be a better you, you’re going to have to do things the now you wouldn’t do, and that is Change by definition. If you were overweight, you would have to change your diet to lose the extra weight and be healthier. When we are ignorant, we pursue education to be knowledgeable, and when we are thirsty, we get something to drink in order to kill that thirst. We have to embrace change because it is how our lives get rearranged. You may not like working harder, but it won’t kill you. You will reap the rewards from your efforts much longer than you could ever complain about the work it took to get there. So, stop perpetrating a fraud, acting like we’re not all flawed. We all have a mental multitude of intended endeavors so, to be the person we want to be, we must do the things we have never done in order to get to our better!

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Tracie Christian

December 16th, 2017

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