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To Show Others how hard You Ride for Them….PARK!

To Show Others how hard You Ride for Them….PARK!

Everybody wants to be a part of a circle of friends; a Posse, a Crew, a Get-a-Long Gang to call one’s own that consists of people we know well and who know us well. In our youth, we stress to fit in with the “In-Crowds” just to be considered a part of one, and once we’re “In” all is right with the word, at least for a little while. However when the bottom falls out of the fun times and storm clouds gather, signaling rain is coming, you’d be surprised how many so-called friends go running for the door before the first drop falls. You see, fake friendships are easy to falsify and look damn good on Facebook, but real friendship requires work. With real friends we have to ride hard, all day, every day, 24-7, 365, and when riding for them is at its toughest is when we must get downer and dirtier with our commitment to said friendship. But what happens when after all your BEST efforts, your friendship is still questioned, doubted or worst, pushed aside due to lack of appreciation? What do you do when your friend doesn’t believe the friend in you?

Mama had an old saying that goes, I can Show You Better than I can Tell You!  Although in truth, it’s just another slick way to say Actions speak louder than words; in this instance, I take it to mean much more. We can display our dedication to a relationship all day. We can be the shoulder to cry on, head cheerleader, offer the ever-present listening ear, and the whole nine and still have someone look at us crazy with one false move and get our dedication called into question. And when that happens, when you’ve  given all you can give, when you have done all you can do and they still don’t seem to see how hard you ride for them…Park. Stop right then and there with the one-sided commitment to a dead-end situation because maybe they will be able to see your love clearer when it’s missing from their life. After all one never truly misses their water until the well runs dry, so make them respect your friendship gangsta. If it’s easy to forget how much of an asset you are in their world, remove yourself and see how long it takes them to miss you. That way if they ever get you back they might just appreciate you being there better in hopes of keeping the Best Friendship Together for a little bit longer than Forever.

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Tracie Christian

September 30th, 2017

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