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What is For YOU can never Ignore YOU!

What is For YOU can never Ignore YOU!

Sometimes we question when our Moment will come, especially when we see others reveling in good fortune, popularity, and favor. We want to know when it will be our turn to get to the GOOD. We pout about seeing those who don’t work as hard, or desire as much while we wish and wait very impatiently. In those not-so-quiet moments, I urge you to check yourself before you wreck yourself and your forward progress that is surely coming to make your day as long as you resolve to slow down and get out of your own way!!!!

You see wishing for something doesn’t always make the wish come true. However if ever there was a way to block a blessing it’s to question the good fortune of others. No matter how diligently we have been working, we should always celebrate the advancement of others if for no other reason than to rightly direct Good Karma in our direction when the time is right of course. If a blessing is real and the work is genuine, nothing, nor no one, can stop it from getting to you. You get as good as you give so if the effort is heavy the blessing is sure to come just as strong no matter how long it takes. It won’t matter who’s not there to see it. It won’t matter how long it took to get there or who doesn’t like it. What is for YOU can never Ignore YOU. Trust when the time is right, your personal blessings will be visible for your taking without forsaking yourself.  Keep your chin up and your eyes on the prize in effort and humility so you can reap all the benefits of your abilities. The Creator sculpted this sacred sign just for you so long as you vow to slow down so you won’t miss what GOD can do!

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Tracie Christian

October 14th, 2017

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