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When Someone tells a Half Truth, it is still a Whole Lie

When Someone tells a Half Truth, it is still a Whole Lie

Just like those damn blasted Alternative Facts, Half Truths are useless to her, him, them, me and you! It’s a lie dressed up and nothing more. Yes, you should be a bit insulted when someone tries to run a half-truth passed you. When broken down to the simplest compound, one can respect a person more for telling you a blatant lie openly, than spouting a twisted version of the truth in secret. Dishonesty is unattractive no matter how well you dress it up.

Please make no mistake. Everyone has been guilty of offering a half truth. Many of us first tried it in our youth and it was our parents who busted us with the quickness. Good Mommas and Papas will never be cool with half-truths. Somehow, in the end, someone always figures out that the bad part of the half-truth, which was probably altered, is also where the story falls apart. It doesn’t fit and most get angry when they can clearly see you are trying to pull the wool over their eyes. It’s fake and news flash, most people never like for someone to insult their intelligence. It offers a marred perception of who you really are. You know the old saying, “Scratch a Life and find a Thief.” Well, they go hand and hand so if you don’t want people to misunderstand your intentions always remember, when someone who tells a Half-Truth, it’s still a Whole Lie and once discovered, no one really cares to hear your why!

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Tracie Christian

April 29th, 2017

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