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When the Wrong People Leave your Life the Right Things Start to Happen

When the Wrong People Leave your Life the Right Things Start to Happen


I know at first glance this statement might seem cold and harsh. I beg to differ. Maybe it’s not so much the statement, but the way we look at its meaning that needs adjustment. Generally, when someone we care for leaves our life, we look at that occurrence as a bad thing. We get all in our feelings and go from sad to mad and far from glad that this is happening to us. Since it’s not something we asked for or expected we view it as a punishment. However, oftentimes things are rarely how they seem and this situation is one that qualifies as such. Here’s why.

Instead of viewing the departure of someone we love as a bad, permanent punishment. Instead, think of it as a necessary, temporary adjustment towards the good. We always say never to question The Creator, for he is all knowing. However, we are quick to abandon that theory when we lose something we want. Maybe since the Creator knows what’s coming ahead for us and what we will need to endure it, the move is a good one. You see when someone leaves our life, it doesn’t have to always mean that we did something wrong or that person doesn’t love us. Their movement may not even be about us at all. It may very well be all about them and something they need to press forward. Wrong doesn’t have to mean they were wrong, but it may not be the right time for them and thus not the right time for us. I think the Creator moves us around in life like pieces to a chess board and when we cannot help one another he removes us. Sometimes, it’s short term and other times it is permanent. Regardless, only when we resist this unwanted change do we make the situation harder than it has to be. In reality once we accept it and resolve to keep life pushing, doors miraculously open up for us. We miss that person but we get through it because we have to. Sometimes when we are not even paying attention the Creator may even bring that departed soul back into our lives! If they are meant and ready to be there, it will seem like they never left. I look at this as a lesson in how to, “Let GO and Let GOD!” When you look at the opening statement this way, maybe it won’t seem so cold and harsh, but rather practical and logical instead. Since the B Cyde is about getting to the BETTER side of us always remember, when the wrong people leave your life, the right things start to happen. So maybe the situation isn’t so wrong after all!

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Tracie Christian

October 1st, 2016

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