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You can be the Toast of the Town only until Another’s Bottle is Popped!

You can be the Toast of the Town only until Another’s Bottle is Popped!

Everybody loves a Winner! It’s fun to be around when a star is on top. The only problem with being on top is that the position is primarily temporary and most fall faster than it took them to get up there, especially if their ego is what propelled them. While recognizing and acknowledging your own self- worth is essential, staying grounded when in mid-flight to your destiny dreamed of is an intense struggle and most never master maneuvering in, until they are out of it. Maybe this breakdown will help those caught up in a web to break out for the greater good.
You ever heard the old saying, “Where there’s good, there’s always better?” If so, please know that statement to be true as you work diligently towards your dreams deferred or detoured.  No matter how hard you are working, trust the notion that there is someone, somewhere working harder, moving faster and strategizing stronger on their next move right next to you. Don’t get so preoccupied with toasting up to today’s success, that you forget about the work you have that is yet to be done tomorrow. No matter how good you are in the moment, the next moment can and will always belong to someone else if you are too busy popping your collar over yesterday’s victory. We are all only as good as our Winning Moment, and if we forget that, the next instance will surely belong to someone else more humble than you remembered to be and stay. Success is to be rewarded but not at the expense of the continuation of hard work. Please remember, you can be the Toast of the Town, but only until they Pop another’s bottle! Even when you’re winning…the work is just beginning!
As always it is my pleasure to bring you another B Cyde Mental Meal to chew on throughout your week. Remember to Plan to JOIN the JAM w/the show dubbed the Soul Train of Radio, Back on the B Cyde w/T Elice & Kymmie K Saturdays at 11am only on the multi award-winning

Tracie Christian

February 4th, 2017

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