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2017 – A New Year with New Fear & A Time to Take New Chances to make New Advances

2017 – A New Year with New Fear & A Time to Take New Chances to make New Advances

When you look up scared in the dictionary you will probably see my face sporting my pearly whites all up and through Webster’s. That’s okay because not so long ago fear stopped my progress. I had no belief in my own gifts and abilities and therefore was stuck in my life. I needed a shift. I got one at the end of 2007 and NOW as we prepare to usher in the year 2017…the fear that used to halt me now catapults me to heights beyond those in my wildest dreams! This New Year can be day one of your success story and what better time than now to bask in that impending glory?

While promoting a fearless leap into 2017 is advantageous, it’s unrealistic. We are all going to encounter things that jumpstart our inner fears so since we know this, we can prepare properly. Knowledge is the power to be aware of what’s ahead, offering the courage to forge through anyway. Do not let fear stop you from pursuing that degree, taking that cooking class, starting that new business or going for that promotion. It’s a time for you to be your loudest cheerleader, if for no other reason than to see how far you can go. Wouldn’t it be cool to know? You might get to places beyond what you dreamed of. Tell me what would you do if that fight of your life led you to Your Best Life yet? Why not make a decision to find out this year? One way to make sure your dreams don’t come true is to let the new fears of this year win. Don’t let fear stop you from taking new Chances to make New Advances for the BEST of YOU! If you do regret is all you’re going to have to look forward to.

Thank you for your continued support of the B Cyde Show! Happy New Year to YOU ALL and ALL Yawl! May 2017 bring you PEACE, LOVE, and Plenty of SMOOCHES from your friends from the Back on the B Cyde Radio Show and


Tracie Christian

January 1st, 2017

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