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True Love is Never EASY & Easy Love is Never TRUE!

True Love is Never EASY & Easy Love is Never TRUE!

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Most women and even some men are fascinated with the concept of True Love. That feeling of unending devotion, the intensity of mutual attraction and the feeling of power in knowing someone out there loves you can be a very addictive situation. However, some long for that perfect union so much so that they go to great lengths to initiate and manipulate the love they want in people that don’t want to love them the same way, and that is a problem.  Like New Edition sings, “Sunny days, everybody loves them. Tell me baby, can you stand the rain?” It is easy to love and be loved when the world is working in your favor. Everything about your swag is a plus so you come off as a winner and everyone loves a winner. However, you really find out who loves you when the storm clouds surround your universe and it’s hard for you to smile, be happy and walk in optimism and faith. The ones who love you through your worst are hard to see when the sun is blinding your vision. Yet, let a dark cloud emerge and we find out that True Love doesn’t come as Easy.

When the rain comes we see more so-called Loved Ones running away from us to find shelter for themselves rather than stand with us under an umbrella until the storm passes. You see who your Trues really are then because no one including the sun, is there to block your view anymore. It’s just the rain, you and whoever’s love for you is true and trust it was not easy for them to stay. In retrospect, it is not until after a storm finally passes, that we find the ones who were grazing on our good did so because then loving us was easy and beneficial mostly to them. Our storm however, reveals who has staying power and is willing to love us when it is the hardest. That is how one should measure the power of True Love. Remember, Easy Come, easy go because True Love is Never EASY and Easy Love is Never TRUE! Better learn that early to take Better Care of YOU!

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Tracie Christian

January 16th, 2016

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