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Allow Your Talent to Mark Your Target!

Allow Your Talent to Mark Your Target!

talent-targetHow do we come into what we were born to do? Were Usher and Beyoncé always performers? Was Lebron James always an athlete? If the answer is yes, when did they know that was what they were supposed to do for the rest of their lives? I’ll tell you how. They paid attention to their inner voice. They heard that thing that wakes you up in the middle of the night willing you to put in that, “work, work, work, work, work, work.” in my Rihanna voice. They stopped talking about what they can’t do and concentrated heavily on that which they could do. They did not sell themselves short. For every doubter, they got more diligent and it paid off for them just like it can and will pay off for each and every one of us. The most important thing all those folks had in common is they connected to their inner spirit early enough to be led to their passion and simply stuck with it. They all allowed their talent to mark their target. I learned this lesson late in life but I’m giving it to you right on time, so listen up!

Everything I love doing in entertainment now, I loved as a child. I used to write mini stories in my notebook and draw pictures to go with them, thus a budding writer and illustrator. I used to read those stories over a cassette recorder with the built-in microphone and make my own sound effects in my room for hours on the winter weekends growing up in the projects. That was the budding radio personality/narrator inside of me as a tween. Lastly, I always loved music, so much so that I was in choir, dance and marching band all through high school. I have always been drawn to the arts. It has always been the best part of who I am but, I played myself short, and let my insecurities scare me from my dreams. I ran from those aspirations and ended up being led right back to all of it in my thirties. Thankfully I listened and let the Creator guide me to my published novels, radio show and narrator ventures in a span of ten years although my talents had marked my targets many moons before then. I couldn’t see it. Don’t let a defeatist outlook blur your vision, like I did. Pay attention to what you love and that which makes you happy and shine doing just that. Don’t let someone else’s attitude about what you love to do detour your drive towards it. Despite all hate and shade, turn your passion into profit. Allow your talent to mark your target and you will be a hit and The each and every time. Trust and Believe!

As always it is my pleasure to bring you another B Cyde Mental Meal for you to chew on throughout your week. Remember to Plan toJOIN the JAM with the B Cyde Show Saturdays at 11am only on

Tracie Christian

September 24th, 2016

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