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Be a Trailblazer not a Hell-Raiser

Be a Trailblazer not a Hell-Raiser

When teenagers enter into a situation that leaves a lot to be desired or has an abundance of things that could have been done better, they love to make a huge stink about it. Most of the time we understand it coming from teens because we realize there is a constant struggle for them to prove their grown and loudly voice their opinions. However, when adults raise sand over taking a stand, while sometimes funny at first, it really demonstrates immaturity and gets old real quick. It’s not a good look and can even be borderline embarrassing to be the one to ALWAYS cause a ruckus rather than choose a route toward change.

In my youth, I used to be quick to criticize what I thought was subpar but many times that behavior says more about the critic than the subject so I learned early that was a behavior I needed to change. Now when I walk into a room and see things missing, or done wrong, I make a mental note so I am never guilty of those same mistakes. I also see those times as an opportunity to shine and here’s how. If you see something done wrong, imagine how pleasantly it would be received if you just fixed it without bringing anyone else’s attention to it. Organizers could be offended it a mistake is mentioned, but I don’t know one that would mind a problem being fixed without comments. It can be rewarding at best and helpful at the least, so think about it. If you see something missing, see it as an opportunity to BE the change you want to See. If it’s not there, add it. Don’t talk badly about it because it doesn’t make you look good and it doesn’t help the situation, so why waste time doing it? In short, taking the high road is the best mode of change, as if you are not a part of the solution, you are more than likely a part of the problem, so be better by working to solve them. The fine stays divine by being a trailblazer, not a hell-raiser.

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Tracie Christian

November 4th, 2017

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