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Don’t Fight a Battle if you Gain Nothing by Winning

Don’t Fight a Battle if you Gain Nothing by Winning


One can talk about the power struggle between Men and Women all day and never come to a consensus on who ultimately holds the greater blame. Now add one particular color to the power struggle discussion and I swear the air shifts and the rifts become evident real quick. The power struggle between men and women of color is even more prevalent, visible and detrimental to our culture than every other struggle we face. Why is the question always asked, but How do we fix it should be of greater concern? We major on minor things all the time. Things like; Who pays most of the bills? Who brings home the bigger paycheck? Who is better with the kids? Those things are normal and should always be evaluated because circumstances and situations force us to change things around at times. However, every point of contention does not and should not be a straight up Battle. Picking and choosing the right battles to fight demonstrates maturity and only mature people know the value of fighting Smart rather than Hard makes one a front runner in any battle to win.

We must first figure out if the battle is even worth the fight. Why fight if the end result of winning doesn’t award you anything? Sometimes the win is in never allowing a battle to begin in the first place. Second, who the hell are you fighting? Is it a true enemy with the sole purpose of destroying you, or is it the person you lay next to every night? Sometimes we get so over-consumed with the battles of the world that we come home fully loaded and unleash on the one that is supposed to bring us peace. Now tell me, where is the good sense in that? Lastly, just because you are right in the fight, doesn’t mean you won. Sometimes working so hard to prove your accuracy in the situation, does nothing for the win. You know you’re a victim of this when you have proven your ultimate point, but you’re still mad as hell. Sometimes we have to relent to others understanding and in that we find the win. Let go and let God bring the truth and the light them. We are not him. If anything we should battle to be closer. We should ward off struggle together and We MUST take better care of each other. After all, If Black Lives Matter so much to Us then there should never be a power struggle between us just about us instead. Always remember, Don’t Fight a Battle if You Gain Nothing by Winning in the beginning!

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Tracie Christian

May 15th, 2016

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