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Don’t Lower Your Standards to be with Those Who Won’t Raise Theirs

Don’t Lower Your Standards to be with Those Who Won’t Raise Theirs

Ever wonder why it is so incredibly necessary for good parents to teach their children manners?  It is to pave a clear path to a personal level of standards. Think about it. We are taught the art of saying, “Please” and “Thank You” as youth and when we run across those who have not mastered that art, we frown upon them because we have been taught better and expect more. That said it is crazy for us to question or abandon our level of standards that we have been accumulating since childhood, especially for those who refuse to step up to our raised bar. In the journey from child to adult, we sometimes work harder to fit in, without remembering we are supposed to stand out. If we were all the same and meant to only do what everyone else was doing, this thing called life would be pretty dull, to say the least. We too often question the little voices in our head that reminds us that we know better, in an effort to be accepted by those that clearly don’t want to do better. That is shady, and if someone else were to shade us so easily we’d be upset, so it’s time to stop the madness for our own gladness; quick, fast and in a hurry.

Standard is defined as an idea, thing used as a measure, norm or model in comparative evaluations; a level of quality and/or attainment. Quality is what standards are intended to represent. Therefore, when anyone fails to respect the standards you have set for yourself it is more of a reason for you to. As a matter of fact, it is disrespectful to your own well-being for you to lower your personal standards to appease someone whose quality of life is lower than yours, even if they are okay with that. What someone chooses for their own life is one thing but what you have in mind for you own is and should be your top priority, above all else, even popularity. Remember popularity can be a greatly overrated thing as, “the popular thing isn’t always right and the right thing isn’t always popular.”However, the choice is always yours so study long in an effort to never study wrong. Doing You is always the best option that’s poppin.

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Tracie Christian

July 8th, 2017

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