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Dreams Express what your Mind is telling You

Dreams Express what your Mind is telling You


Our mind is active all the time. Even when we are asleep our mind is working all up and through our subconscious and those thoughts and ideas can be so compelling that oftentimes they disrupt our rest. When this occurs I think of a song from the movie, Color Purple, “God is trying to tell you something” and when we listen, more often than not dreams are realized. See we have a tendency to Dream Crush. We do it to each other and more frequently we do it to ourselves. Something pops in our head and we minimize the thoughts, second-guess them, or dismiss their relevance altogether. We kill the chance for them to come to fruition by not adhering to the message. That’s a Loser Move and allow me to break down why.

What other way can the Creator speak to Us exclusively without freaking us totally out, other than through our dreams? If he were to tell us messages in surround sound from the heavens I imagine that could really noisy and hella creepy real quick. Therefore, God speaks to us through our dreams and if we take the time to notice, when we listen and pursue our God-given dreams, it usually takes us far beyond what we initially imagined. That’s because if we can conceive it, then it is possible for us to achieve it. The brain is incapable of conceptualizing an impossible thought. Check your facts; The Wright Brothers had a notion of man flying and today, airports are packed daily with people flying high to destinations all over the world. Debbie Allen was told she would never be a dancer because her legs were too short. Well, yawl saw, Fame, the TV series that catapulted her to stardom, where she starred as the dance teacher and is now one of the most prolific dancers/entertainers of our time. Lastly, Mark Zuckerberg changed the world with his idea Facebook that originated from him being rejected by a girl in college. Listening to his dreams, made him a multi-millionaire with a company traded on the US Stock Exchange. The point is, our dreams serve as the preview to life’s coming attraction. Don’t miss it by dismissing it. You could be missing your next Big Thing so always remember to respect your dreams because Dreams express what your mind is telling you! It’s our job to just Listen and stake out the real Mission.

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Tracie Christian

May 28th, 2016

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