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FEELINGS are like 1000 Sunrises; All Different & Ever Changing

FEELINGS are like 1000 Sunrises; All Different & Ever Changing


The most unreliable of all human emotions are our feelings. They are unreliable because they change as easily as the direction of the wind.  A simple commercial on television can take us from happy to sad in 2.2 minutes flat and that is just one example of how quickly our feelings are prone to change. You could be in a great mood, with not a care in the world one minute and have someone enter the same room with a negative vibe, and instantly drain all your positive energy. It is a little known fact that energy is neither, lost or gained, but transferred from one party to the next. With that said, if we understand the characteristics of our feelings we are better equipped to handle them regardless to how often they change.

Although the sun rises every day, each sunrise is different. Our feelings are the same. Although we all have them, each one is different and can change in an instant. This is why we need to think before we act, or speak. Thinking through our feelings in the moment gives us the chance to calm those feelings enough for us to figure out a sensible reaction. This is where self-control should be activated. When we understand the flakiness of our feelings, our thought process should be to calm down and think so that we can settle our mind. Then we are ready to think our feelings through, instead of our feelings guiding what we do. IN short, none of us are at a loss of feelings. There are plenty of those to go around. However since feelings can change so quickly, taking the time to think our feelings through is the key. Remember, feelings are like 1000 sunrises; all different and ever changing, so THINK first and QUESTION your feelings later.

As always it is my pleasure to bring you another B Cyde Mental Meal to chew throughout your week. Remember to plan to JOIN the JAM Saturday at 11am Back on the B Cyde only on

Tracie Christian

February 6th, 2016

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