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Hard Work beats Talent when Talent doesn’t Work Hard

Hard Work beats Talent when Talent doesn’t Work Hard

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People often yearn for Talent. You know like the ability to sing like a bird, move like a gazelle or run like the wind. Quiet as it’s kept, we all have some sort of talent, however not all of us have been blessed with the ability to tap into those talents. The “tap In” requires Hard Work and that is where resistance is born and quickly adopted. Just as most people yearn for a God-given talent, most people run from the mere thought of Hard Work and never take the time to put it in. That’s what happens when we look at Hard work and Talent as two separate entities. They each require mad focus and with a little Hocus Pocus, they became interchangeable indeed.

How many times have we seen someone with a boat load of potential and talent beyond compare, going absolutely no where fast? I see it all the time and the one common denominator in that reoccurring equation is someone thinking their talent will do all the work for them. Not. It takes far more than talent, or a knack for something to make it successful. You have to put in the work. All day, every day, it is your job to make it happen. When the work is easy, it’s good for you. When the work is plentiful, it’s there for you to do and even when the work is hard as hell, it’s still on you. No one said it would be easy and nothing worth having ever is….so to have Talent is the start and never the Finish. When hard work is applied, it feeds talent. That’s why we see people who may not be the most talented gain more success than those we know who are. It’s because they allowed their passion to override their abilities. Drive makes you push when you feel weak. Focus forces you to dig deep when you thought you reached your limit. Talent is what gets you in the game however it will always be Hard Work that makes you a winner! To get the two twisted is the amateur mistake of a beginner. That said,always remember Hard Work beats Talent when Talent doesn’t Work Hard!

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Tracie Christian

May 21st, 2016

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