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I am Proud to Be Black but BLACK is not all I am!

I am Proud to Be Black but BLACK is not all I am!


Recognizing that February is Black History Month, it is the perfect time to demonstrate affection for one’s self. Black pride is a common thing during this time of the year. However, Black Pride is not something intended to be practiced only over the course of one month, in a calendar year. For me, Black pride is an everyday thing and it should be for all persons of color. Now, while demonstrating pride in one’s self is all good, all day, every day, we still must keep pride in its proper perspective in order for it to not morph into conceit. That said, while all people of color should be proud to be Black, all should know that BLACK is not all we are.

Yes, people of African American descent are often referred to as “black” people, however the color of our skin, in no way makes up the total sum of who we each are as a race of people. Black people are not just Black. We are Entertainers like, Beyonce, Usher and Rhianna. We are Athletes like; Cam Newton or Serena Williams. For a more personal example, while I am indeed a black woman, I am also a Mother, A Wife, A Sister and a Woman who just happens to be black. I am also an Educator, an Author and an On-Air Radio Personality professionally, that just happens to also be black. The point is, regardless to the month, time of year, climate of circumstance or flavor of the week, People of color should ALWAYS be Proud to be Black but they should also know that Black is not all they are. Our culture and color are just the beginning of the Glory in our Story in any and all months of the year. We Live Black History Baby each and every day indeed!

As always it is my pleasure to bring you another B Cyde Mental Meal to chew on throughout the week. Plan to JOIN the JAM this Saturday w/the show dubbed the Soul Train of radio, Back on the B Cyde only on

Tracie Christian

February 13th, 2016

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