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If You Can’t Handle Criticism, You’re Not Ready for Success

If You Can’t Handle Criticism, You’re Not Ready for Success

People criticize everything. People will criticize the way you look, where you live, what you drive and even what you do for a living. The killing part is that most of the time those same critics would bust a blood vessel if you were to utter one negative word about them. One could argue that hypocrites that act like this are everywhere so it’s good to learn how to deal with them early. But have you ever considered how you will deal with the criticism that folks so willingly offer without your permission? If not, consider this, how we deal with criticism tells us more about ourselves than it does anyone else.

Let’s be honest, criticism hurts. It’s no one’s aspiration to hear what’s wrong about them or what they’re doing. It can make one feel inadequate, like a failure and undeserving. If we let it criticism can totally bust up our spirit and deflate our confidence down to nothing. However, the key concept in the previous statement is, if we let it, meaning we have the power over what criticism does to us and how we handle it. There’s a saying that goes, “don’t let tough times harden you like a rock. Let them polish you like a diamond,” and that is how we all should handle criticism. Apply it constructively. Change whatever needs to be improved, after honest self-observation and move forward toward the better. After all, hurt may be how we feel at first but that is not where we have to stay. Criticism can also morph into motivation when applied positively. Only when we take a hard look at what is wrong can we truly make it right anyway and right makes things tight indeed. Lastly, consider this, if you can’t take criticism, then you’re not ready for success because those who have “made it” successfully get criticized the most.

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Tracie Christian

August 26th, 2017

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