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In Order to Glow Up, You have to Grow Up

In Order to Glow Up, You have to Grow Up

Folks like to find catchy, innovative ways to term success like; Rise Up, Blow Up and Come Up are all phrases used to express the act of, ‘moving on up’ like in The Jefferson’s theme song. Instead of any of those terms, I like to say ‘Glow Up’ because when we’re on top, we glow. Our shine is visible and evident and with our grind in mind, we wish that shine to be everlasting. So know when I use the phrase Glow Up; that it simply means success. Now with that said, people always talk about the Glow Up but rarely give guides to that destination. I may not know the complete formula, as I am still an ever-work-in-progress myself, however, I have picked up a pearl or two along the way and I don’t mind sharing this one with you. In Order to GLOW UP, You have to GROW UP! Consider this cardinal rule # 1 in My Girlfriends Guide to the Glow up!

The energy we exude outwardly creates the vibe of the space around us. Facts. Therefore, when we stumble consecutively, know it’s time to check the space in your place. More often than not we are the aviators of the obstacles we encounter that halts our strut on the road to the Glow Up. What I mean is our personal vibe can kill our progress when we hold on to immature things; like grudges and resentment as a means to resist change. We always want to blame somebody else and we never want to admit it just might be us. In order to move forward, it is imperative to let go of baggage because that *ish gets heavy and weighs you down. Grown-ups let it go, learn from it, and adjust in a way that proves a lesson one can always draw upon moving on. These steps go together like shoes and handbags. In order to let *ish go, you’re gonna have to learn from it and adjust because now you have information you didn’t know before and without the latter two you can’t move…on that is. Focus on setting your sights beyond the petty. So if you truly are on the curvy, bumpy road to success you won’t block your own damn blessing by forgetting that, in order to Glow Up, You have to Grow Up. We should consider this a must so the obstacles in our path don’t look just like us.

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Tracie Christian

October 28th, 2017

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