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It’s Better to be Pissed Off rather than Pissed On

It’s Better to be Pissed Off rather than Pissed On

Anger and frustration are a part of the human existence. It’s unrealistic to think that because one is calm, cool, and collected they can never be pissed completely off. We all have the capacity to lose our cool from time to time and allow another to get under our skin. Everyone has a breaking point and when it has been reached, or God forbid, breached, being Pissed off is hard to avoid.  Being pissed off simply means you have been taken to a high level of anger that is easier to get to than to come down from. While it’s unpleasant, Pissed Off is familiar territory for most and only the ultra grown can put this emotional state of being in proper perspective. See Grown Folks know that the only thing worse than being Pissed off, is being Pissed on. The key is recognizing the difference in order to understand how one is brought on by the other.

The feeling of being pissed on is the realization one has been deceived and/or disrespected. When we feel like someone has pulled one over on us, to get what they want with little regard to how their actions will make us feel, we know we’ve been Pissed on. And that alone can piss anyone off but remember who is always in control. The Best way to get passed Pissed Off or being Pissed on is to purge yourself from trouble’ s presence.  Once you know how folks move, you can better get out the way of their madness for your gladness. In hindsight being Pissed on teaches us how to deal with being Pissed off. Therefore, in the end, you win without taking the loss! Always remember it is oftentimes better to be pissed off rather pissed on!

As always it is my pleasure to bring yet another B Cyde Mental Meal to chew on throughout your week. Be sure to Plan to JOIN the JAM with the show dubbed, The Soul Train of Radio, Back on the B Cyde with T Elice, Kymmie K and Dj Lady Day Saturdays at 11 am only on

Tracie Christian

June 10th, 2017

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