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It’s not about the Happy Ending, it’s more about The Story!

It’s not about the Happy Ending, it’s more about The Story!


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From the womb little girls are bred to strive to get to life’s happy ending with the prince, on a white horse that lives in a big castle! Unlike the story little girls are sold, there is no dream life with a castle, and the only prince I have ever seen sings about doves crying and purple rain. In short, if the only goal in life you strive for is the happy ending where all is totally right with the world, all the time, then you are in for the greatest disappointment because life simply does not work that way. More important than the end of a story is the chapters is takes to get to the ending. The journey is the good part. It’s the plot of life and you, my friend are The Star, The Director and The Producer of the progress of your life’s project. It’s not even about the ending because we should be more concerned with our storyline in progression because that is the part we are in total control of.

In life it is important to Love the life you live, as you live a life you can love. Each and every phase, phrase, lesson and blessing is intended to teach you how to get to the better you. In these stages we learn how strong we are, how intelligent and compassionate we are. We are introduced to our integrity and moral code and it makes us who we are. When the story ends, weather it is happy or not, it’s the life’s story that is celebrated not the last chapter.  It’s vital to our sanity to remain focused on what is truly important for our long term. You can’t plan the end, if you don’t have anything between the pages so remember, it’s not about the happy ending, and it’s more about the story that leads you there that counts.

As always it is my pleasure to bring you another B Cyde Mental Meal to chew on throughout your week. As 2015 comes to an end, on behalf of the Back on the B Cyde Show Crew, and myself personally, I’d like to THANK YOU ALL for the Love and Support displayed to Us this year. May you experience Prosperity, Peace and Blessings in the New Year! Always plan to JOIN the JAM with the show dubbed the Soul Train of Radio, Back on the B Cyde Saturdays at 11am only on See YOU Next Year! Smooches!

Tracie Christian

December 26th, 2015

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