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Jill Spills “The Walking Dead”

Jill Spills “The Walking Dead”



This morning many of The Walking Dead fans seem to ” have death in the family”….and are apparently calling into work. I guess after waiting months for the premier, one would mourn a characters death. *SPOLIER ALERT-GLEN WAS KILLED* I DO NOT WATCH THE WALKING DEAD however I do know plenty of people who do and they talk to me about these people like they are Pookey and Ray Ray from around the corner. The Walking Dead is what I like I like to call ” What’s Japular” right now so I went ahead and watched a few of the highlights from Sunday nights season premier. The show lost 2 core characters that’s been on since season 1. Its being called one of  AMC’s most gruesome scenes. The Negan guy brutally beats Glenn and Abraham with a baseball bat wrapped in wire, may be enough to turn fans away… If you ask me writers are stretching these days but its all in good entertainment if its your cup of tea. Maybe once that Michigan snow  hits the ground I’ll snuggle to a bowl of popcorn and beinge watch a couple seasons. For now I’ll leave it to the true Dead heads. #jillspills






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October 25th, 2016

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