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Just Because You’re Grown Doesn’t Mean You Stop Growing UP

Just Because You’re Grown Doesn’t Mean You Stop Growing UP

When we are in the cuffs of our adolescence, we can’t wait to be a Grown-Up. We foolishly believe at the exact moment when we finally reach the age of 21, the skies are going to fill with the air of everyone’s consent and acceptance of what we think. Alas, when that dream dissipates it’s usually with the realization of some unfounded, unexpected responsibility we have to accept, or the discovery that no one really gives a damn. Then we have to cope with the truth that wise folks already know. No matter how old we get, we will never know everything. The quicker we accept that, the better our lives will be. It’s simple right? Yet, we tend to get it twisted more often than not, so here’s one to grow on with much pun intended.

Life has a funny yet, an astoundingly calculating way of forcing us to take the grown-up pill from time to time in spite of how grown we think we are. Just when we think we have life figured out, we get hit with a curveball, so powerful it knocks us off our square. At first strike, we think it’s some sort of punishment for something we did in our past, but in time and oftentimes after the pain, we see it was a necessary lesson after we grow the hell up some more. Our experiences teach us, at least they are supposed to so in less we stop living we are going to always be on the road to discovering something new. Maturity is all about growth and should never stop due to age. Hell, I dare to say that if we are still thinking and operating the way we were ten years ago, then something is wrong! We are always being prepped to learn, and when we fight it, we almost always lose and most times, it’s out on something special the Creator had just for us. Therefore, it’s best to stop whining about how grown we are when our world goes drastically wrong for no good reason. Just because you’re grown, doesn’t mean you stop growing up! Remember when you know better, you show better indeed.

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Tracie Christian

April 7th, 2018

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