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Life is like riding a bike; for balance you must Keep it Moving!

Life is like riding a bike; for balance you must Keep it Moving!

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Balance is the goal and Movement is the Means. It’s a great slogan that is extremely hard to live by. That is because Life presents us with situations that totally throws us off balance every day. Career shifts, family issues, illness and even death are just a few life altering situations that have the ability to knock us down when they occur unexpectedly. The spontaneity of those kinds of situations, are intended to demonstrate our own levels of thought and strength. We never truly know what we can handle until we are left with no other alternative than to simply handle it the best way we can. Overcoming or working through life’s unexpected instances gives us a new sense of balance that has the potential to make us better.

For example, when we first learn to ride a bicycle it is difficult to keep our balance while moving so, to keep from falling we often stop and plant our feet to gain control. The problem with that is we stop moving. In life, we tend to do the same thing. When things happen we can’t control we stop to gain our footing in a situation we had no prior knowledge would occur. However, no matter how hard the situation, movement is inevitable if we want to continue and get passed what stopped us. To that end, like riding a bike, eventually we have to gather the strength to keep it moving even though we may fall in the process. We have to keep peddling to achieve the balance we’re looking for. In Life, that doesn’t change. During career changes and educational difficulties we have to keep it moving. When our family dynamics shift, we have to keep it moving and even in stances of extreme loss, we have to keep it moving. Why…because life goes on with or without our participation and in order to stay in the game, we have to be willing to keep playing. How else can we work to win? Once we figure out how to keep it moving, we can conquer anything life throws at us with skill, style and the Creator’s grace.  Remembering Life is like riding a bike; for Balance we must keep it moving at all costs to get to the Best of us.

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Tracie Christian

November 21st, 2015

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