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Live at the End of Your Capabilities to Find Your True Tranquility

Live at the End of Your Capabilities to Find Your True Tranquility

As Grown Folks, we should already know that we are walking works in progress. If so we know that to be true, why are we always so stifled in our relationship with Fear? We treat Fear as the leader of the cool club that we are afraid to try to get in but become bullied by it anyway and that’s insane. The truth is as Tupac told us many moons ago that Fear is no more than an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real and its sole purpose is to challenge us! Therefore, we have it twisted when we allow fear to stunt our growth. When we want to pursue something and we don’t because we’re afraid, in essence, we have forfeited our progress to fear. In other words, we let fear win the war without fighting in the battle. Crazy right? Here’s how we are supposed to handle fear.

Since we already know what we know, it’s time to venture into the unknown and learn some more; about each other, about ourselves and about the world in which we live. We have got to get so comfortable with fear that it doesn’t stop us from trying. We have to get cozy with failure so it can teach us what not to do, and there’s no reason to fear it. Fear in its simplest form is supposed to teach us that failure is an option because more often than not the greatest failures produce the greatest successes. Lastly, if you don’t know how it feels to fail, how will you ever know when you’ve won? Feeling fear and pushing through it to get the job done anyway even in the wake of failure, will ALWAYS lead YOU to the WIN. Live at the End of Your Capabilities to Find Your True Tranquility! Why, because we are all so much deeper than we give ourselves credit for!

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Tracie Christian

January 20th, 2018

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