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Never Allow Someone’s Thunder Storm to Cloud up Your Clear Sky

Never Allow Someone’s Thunder Storm to Cloud up Your Clear Sky


Ah friends…how many of us have? Friends, ones we can depend on? Before we go any further, let’s talk about the power of Friends. We look at our friends like they are the super heroes of our existence. We think they can do no wrong for the most part, so when things are going well in their world, we are the first ones to step and celebrate the good. However, when a friend is suffering through a time of trial and tribulation we are also the first to come to comfort. Hating to see someone you love struggle is normal. The urge to help comes on so strong in fact, that we can make their issues our own. We can become so engulfed in their problems, we totally vacate our own or worse, we let their problems create problems for us. That is counter-productive practice people no matter how good it makes you look as the ultimate friend and here is why.

Friends in crisis tend to have tunnel vision and that is understandable as their full attention is needed to handle their situation. That said, their trial is not supposed to take you off your square so far that you can’t see the good in your neighborhood. Your clear sky is to be celebrated too, especially by you! A friend’s trial is not supposed to minimize or dull your triumphs and it is okay for you to privately pop your collar for your accomplishments and still lift up a fallen friend. You should not sacrifice one to achieve the other. As adults we practice the art of multi-tasking every day and this circumstance is no exception. It’s your job to love your friends and take care of you too by any means necessary. You can love what’s happening for and be that Ride or Die for the Homie by always remembering to Never allow someone else’s thunder storm to cloud up your clear sky.

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Tracie Christian

April 2nd, 2016

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